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Insurance in
Myrtle Beach, SC

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Coastal Insurance Group provides cost-effective and customizable home insurance solutions for homeowners in the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area and throughout South Carolina. 
We are the best home insurance agent serving residents in Myrtle Beach, Conway, North Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, all of Horry County, and areas beyond in SC. Get an insurance quote today, our agents at Coastal Insurance Group are happy to help you secure your home and possessions, and will make sure you are covered anywhere in the Grand Strand or throughout the Palmetto State.

Home Insurance Protects Your Home From Unforeseen Events

Homeowners insurance can provide protection for unforeseen circumstances, including:


  • Burglary, home invasion, or vandalism

  • Water damage caused by burst pipes, sewage backups, and other related incidents

  • Liability claims from unexpected lawsuits

  • Damage from natural disasters such as lightning strikes and fallen trees

Securing a reliable homeowners insurance policy is crucial for safeguarding your family's financial well-being and protecting your property.

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Homeowners Insurance Policy Coverage for Myrtle Beach Homes 

A typical home insurance policy will typically provide coverage for the following:


Dwelling coverage:

Covers your home's structure, such as the roof and walls, and attached structures, such as a porch.

Other structures coverage:

Covers detached structures, like a fence, swimming pool, or guest house.

Personal property coverage:

Covers personal belongings such as clothes, furniture, and electronics; coverage for art, jewelry, and collectibles might be limited and the addition of a rider may be necessary to cover these.

Personal liability coverage:

Covers and protects you financially if you're responsible for damages or injuries to others while on your property or at theirs.


Loss of use coverage:

Provides coverage for extra living expenses such as lodging and dining expenses in the event that your home sustains significant damage, requiring you to relocate temporarily.

Securing a reliable homeowners insurance policy, or even a HO6 Condo Insurance near Myrtle beach is crucial for safeguarding your family's financial well-being and protecting your property.


Is Home Insurance Mandatory in and near Myrtle Beach, SC?

Although home insurance is not mandatory in Myrtle Beach and throughout South Carolina, homeowners who finance their homes may be asked by their lender to obtain a homeowners insurance policy. The purpose of the policy is to protect both the property and assets.

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Common Homeowners Insurance Claims in South Carolina

South Carolina homes experience extreme weather as a regular part of its climate, with its coastal position and high humidity rendering them susceptible to severe weather occurrences such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. And, although standard homeowners' policies often cover damage resulting from extreme weather, such as tornadoes and high winds, your home insurance policy may only offer coverage for harm inflicted on your home's structure and possessions, up to the boundaries of your policy; but, flooding is typically not included, even if it is caused by a severe storm or hurricane. Consider adding a Myrtle Beach wind and hail insurance, hurricane insurance, or flood insurance policy to better safeguard your home and assets.


For more information on Home Insurance, HO6 Condo Insurance near Myrtle Beach, and severe weather coverage, along with its possible deductibles, please contact us; our agents will be happy to assist you select the best homeowners policy to protect your dream home in Myrtle Beach, Conway, and throughout SC.


Get an insurance quote for your Myrtle Beach home today!

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Common SC Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Is HO3 insurance the same as home insurance?

A homeowners insurance, or HO-3 policy, is a coverage plan that covers your home's structure, personal belongings and liability in the event of damage or injury. An HO-3 policy can also cover additional living expenses and protection for other structures on your property.

How to get the best HO-3 Home Insurance rates in Myrtle Beach?

Home owners, to get the best insurance rates in Myrtle Beach, simply request a quote via our online form, here. Join homeowners all over Myrtle Beach and surrounding cities/towns, such as North Myrtle Beach, Little River, Conway, Red Hill, Surfside Beach, and Socastee; and save with the best home insurance rates in coastal SC. Call (843) 808-0291, our home insurance agents will be happy to help.

Call (843) 808-0291

Do I need a separate beach house insurance for coastal property in Myrtle Beach?

Homeowners with property located in the coastline should get more than just a basic home insurance policy. Beach houses are at higher risk of damage from hurricanes, winter storms, hail, and more. We recommend the following:


Anyone living in the South Carolina coast can attest to the constant risk of wind and hail, and the expensive damages these can inflict on your property; but don’t worry, the Coastal Insurance Group offers just the right wind and hail insurance policies to protect your coastal home, call us today at (843) 808-0291 and we’ll help you add it to your existing SC homeowners insurance.

Is Hurricane Insurance included with HO6 Condo Insurance near Myrtle Beach, SC?

The common assumption is for the HOA master policy to cover hurricane damage, but that is often limited to the outside structure and not the interior of the unit. Owners looking for condo insurance near Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, and farther; our Coastal Insurance Group agents can help you find the right type of HO6 Condo Insurance with the right Myrtle Beach Hurricane Insurance for your coastal condo unit. Call today for fast, personalized, and affordable HO6 Condo Insurance quotes and Myrtle Beach Hurricane Insurance quotes.


Myrtle Beach Flood Insurance for SC's coastal homes:

Did you know most South Carolina homeowners insurance policies generally exclude coverage for flood damage? Homes located in or near high-risk flood zones should obtain a flood insurance policy. Specifically, if you possess a federally backed mortgage, acquiring flood insurance becomes mandatory. Flood insurance policies are administered by FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program, but worry not, we’ve helped many coastal homeowners obtain this type of insurance; visit our Myrtle Beach Flood Insurance section or call the Coastal Insurance Group and protect your coastal home property with a robust policy today.


Call (843) 808-0291


HO6 Insurance For Myrtle Beach Condos

Condo insurance, also referred to as an HO-6 insurance policy, safeguards individual condo or co-op units, and provides personal liability coverage and living expense coverage in case the condo becomes uninhabitable. HO-6 policies are dubbed walls-in coverage since they protect only the individual unit, while the master policy of the condo association or co-op association covers the common areas of the building.

Nonetheless, standard condo insurance may not apply in specific scenarios, such as floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes. To ensure comprehensive coverage, you may need to evaluate additional policies, depending on the location of your condo and the amount of time you plan on spending there. At Coastal Insurance Group our agents have helped plenty of condo owners find affordable condo insurance near Myrtle Beach and its metropolitan and surrounding communities (Conway, North Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet, Georgetown, Surfside beach, and More). Call (843) 808-0291 today for a personalized condo insurance quote!

HO-6 Condo Insurance FAQs

What type of insurance policy is required on a Condo?

If you hold a mortgage on your condominium, your lender will usually require you to obtain an HO-6 policy; your homeowners or condo association may also stipulate specific coverage types and amounts.

Do I need an HO-6 Policy When Buying a Condo?

In most cases, the answer to this question is yes. New Condo owners often assume the building’s master policy covers your unit's interior, and while that might be true to some extent, it typically excludes your personal belongings. HO-6 policies are affordable and provide you with peace of mind in case of a disaster; new condo owners in and near Myrtle Beach should obtain coverage to protect the contents of their home.

How much does HO6 Condo Insurance cost in Myrtle Beach?

HO6 Condo insurance costs are based on the amount of coverage you need and the quality of the policy you want; coverage is also affected by the portion of the condo that is covered under the HOA’s master insurance on the building; we recommend checking your bylaws. You also have to factor in the cost to replace and the value of your belongings.


In general, HO6 Condo insurance policies start in the range of $250 a year, these however might have limited coverage. A more realistic price, for a coastal beach condo unit in and near the Myrtle Beach area, falls in the range of $400 - $650+ a year. Everyone’s cost will vary based on their individual situation, your best bet is to talk to an expert; the staff at Coastal Insurance Group can provide you with personalized and affordable condo insurance quotes near Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach and farther.  Call our Myrtle Beach based insurance agents today!

A Full Service Home Insurance Agency Near Myrtle Beach, SC

Coastal Insurance Group is a home insurance agency serving individuals and families in and near Myrtle Beach, Conway, North Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, and across Horry County, Georgetown County, and the South Carolina coast. 


We are one of the top insurance companies in the area, and our management and agents are fully qualified and licensed professionals; we are ready to help you with all of your individual  or business needs. And, in addition to homeowners insurance, we boast a selection of insurance products such as: condo insurance (HO6), renters insurance, flood insurance, business insurance, car & auto insurance, RV & Motorhome insurance, life insurance and more.  

Call (843) 808-0291

Coastal Insurance Group - Homeowners & Condo Insurance in and near Myrtle Beach and Conway, SC

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