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Hurricane Insurance
Wind & Hail, Tropical Storm, and Flood Insurance

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Hurricane insurance for Homeowners. Protect your home from hurricane damage.

South Carolina is a beautiful state to build your most valuable investment: your home; and as such, it is only right to protect it from as much damage as possible. And, while South Carolina enjoys some of the most desirable temperatures and beaches in the US, it is not without its share of threats, and just like our neighbors along the Southern Atlantic coast, Hurricanes are an undeniable part of its life, and that of South Carolina homeowners as well. According to the National Hurricane Center, on the Atlantic coast, hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30; but the occurrence of Hurricanes doesn't end there, as they have happened in later months. And, given the recent climate changes, an overactive season is now in full effect.

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Is Hurricane Insurance Required in South Carolina?

While South Carolina homeowners are not obligated by law to carry Hurricane Insurance, when financing a home, your lender may mandate a homeowners insurance policy. This policy should encompass protection against hurricane-related damages or incorporate supplementary hurricane insurance coverage.

What is Hurricane Insurance?

Technically, there isn't a standalone insurance policy referred to as "hurricane insurance." Instead, you'll have to ensure that your home is covered for the two primary sources of hurricane damage: wind and water.

As many South Carolina homeowners can attest, the Coastal Insurance Group is the preferred hurricane insurance company near Myrtle Beach and throughout nearby areas, such as: Charlotte, Georgetown, Murrells Inlet, North Myrtle Beach, and Little River. Our hurricane insurance agents in Myrtle Beach live in the area, and will be happy to help with:

  • Hurricane Insurance Quotes.

  • Tropical Storm Insurance Quotes.

  • Wind Storm Insurance Quotes.

  • Hail Storm insurance Quotes.

  • Flood Insurance Quotes.

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Windstorm Insurance, also known as Wind and Hail Insurance.

At the Coastal Insurance Group, our company and agents can help you choose the right insurance level and combination of coverage, and to protect your home against wind damage from: Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, and Hail Storms. It is worth noting most standard property insurance policies do not cover these kinds of phenomena.


We are local to Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand areas and are the best hurricane insurance company for South Carolina residents, call today and protect your home from costly storms. Our home and property insurance agents will be sure to help you compare hurricane insurance quotes that are both affordable and tailored to your specific property needs.

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Wind & Hail Insurance Coverage in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

It’s a known fact people living in coastal states have higher chances of suffering from hurricane, windstorm or flood damage, therefore it is recommended they check their property’s existing insurance coverage to ensure it has adequate wind and hail protection.

Is there a deductible for Wind & Hail Insurance Coverage?

While South Carolina is an attractive state to live in, it is particularly susceptible to floods, hurricanes, wind and hail events, this is due to its 200 miles of coastline. If your house is in a high-risk coastal area (Horry County, Georgetown County, Charleston County, Beaufort County, Berkeley County), wind & hail coverage might not be included in your homeowners insurance policy, and you’ll have to buy separate wind & hail insurance coverage; and, that would incur a separate deductible applicable to wind and hail, or hurricane claims.

Understanding Myrtle Beach Wind and Hail Insurance: How does wind & hail deductible work?

To better understand how a Wind & Hail Insurance Deductible works, let’s look at the example below:


A Myrtle Beach homeowner’s insurance policy may have a $1,000 deductible for most claims and a 1% deductible for wind or hail claims. Meaning if your South Carolina property has $230,000 worth of dwelling coverage, you’d have to pay for the first $2,300 of wind or hail damage yourself, before the wind or hail coverage kicks in for wind damage or hail damage repairs.

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Is Wind and Hail Insurance Required in Myrtle Beach, SC? Do I need wind and hail insurance in South Carolina?

If you have a mortgage on your Myrtle Beach property, your mortgage company will require that you carry a Home Insurance Policy.  This coverage is often referred to as Hazard Insurance; and they will require that it includes coverage for Wind & Hail damage. If you do not have a mortgage or lien on your property then the choice is up to you; in general, if you live in a high risk wind, hail, or hurricane area, which is the case for South Carolina, and specially if you live in a coastal area such as Myrtle Beach, Wind & Hail insurance coverage is recommended.

Does home insurance in Myrtle Beach include wind and hail coverage? 

If you are looking to purchase home insurance in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it is best to check if the policy you are considering carries it, and to what extent; if that is not the case, then it is recommended to cover your South Carolina property with Wind & Hail Insurance Coverage.

Is damage caused by flooding covered by Wind and Hail Insurance?

No.  Flooding is considered a rising water event; and therefore Flood Insurance is separate from Wind & Hail Insurance. We always recommend carrying Flood Insurance, either as a separate insurance or as an add on to your Home Insurance Policy. Check your South Carolina’s property location and risk zone, and see if your property falls inside one of these areas, if so, you’ll need coastal Myrtle Beach flood insurance coverage. You can also visit our Myrtle Beach Flood Insurance quote section for more information.

Myrtle Beach Wind & Hailstorm Insurance Quotes

Protect your home from wind and hail damage with the Coastal Insurance Group company, our Insurance Agency offers just the right type of Wind and Hail insurance coverage for your South Carolina home, auto, and business; we are one the top Wind & Hail insurance companies in South Carolina for wind coverage quotes.


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South Carolina Flood Insurance in Myrtle Beach

Did you know flood insurance is not part of standard homeowner insurance policies? Myrtle Beach Homeowners and throughout South Carolina often assume they have coverage through a general storm policy, but that is not the case; and often times, if there is flood coverage, it is very limited. Floods can happen anywhere and for a variety of reasons, and your risk is especially higher if you live in a high risk area or zone. This is why the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) recommends flood insurance to everyone.   

Do I need flood insurance in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?

Many lenders mandate that property owners in South Carolina, particularly in areas like Myrtle Beach and Charleston secure flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for structures situated within the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), as identified by the currently effective Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). It's important to note that lenders might extend the requirement for flood insurance coverage to buildings located outside the SFHA as well. Ensuring comprehensive coverage is crucial for safeguarding your property against potential flood risks.

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Is Myrtle Beach Flood Insurance Required or Recommended? 

In specific regions of South Carolina, flood insurance is a legal requirement due to the elevated risk of floods in these areas. It's important to verify with your local authorities whether flood insurance is mandatory for your specific location, or if your property is located in a high risk zone where flood insurance is strongly recommended. Myrtle Beach has several zones of elevated flood risk, but in general it is susceptible to two types of flood events:

Coastal Floods in Myrtle Beach and coastal communities: 

Affecting specific coastal areas, often due to the vertical rise above normal water level caused by strong, persistent onshore wind, high tides, hurricanes and tropical storms. Myrtle Beach, along with other coastal areas (Charleston, North Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet, and others) are specially at risk by this type of flooding.

Flash Floods near Myrtle Beach and inland communities:

Flash floods in Myrtle beach and inland communities often occurs by high flow of water, or a rapid water level rise in a stream, creek, river, pond, and swamp areas; these are often influenced by intense and sustained rain events, dam failures, and ice jams. 

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How Much is Flood Insurance in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? 

Flood insurance coverage pricing varies by location and provider, these can range from $475 to $675 plus; again, this is dependent on the area zone and the chosen flood insurance provider. You can expect for Myrtle Beach flood insurance rates to fall within this range.

What is Covered by Flood Insurance?

In general, basic flood insurance will cover your dwelling's structure and personal possessions; there are limits however, as well as exceptions, under most basic flood insurance plans. We recommend speaking to our qualified flood insurance agents, we are local to Myrtle Beach and surrounding communities, and can help you choose the right type of coverage. Call us at (843) 808-0291.

I live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. How Do I Save on Flood Insurance?

Myrtle Beach residents, and South Carolina as well, can obtain flood Insurance via a private provider or through the NFIP. In our experience, private flood insurance tends to provide more coverage. We recommend consulting with one of our insurance experts to compare coverages.  

With Myrtle Beach, and South Carolina, in general being at risk; is it worth getting cheap affordable flood insurance

While basic flood insurance can provide coverage, there are limits to what a cheap affordable plan can cover; in addition, there are also waiting periods to consider. Often times people forget to take this into account when opting to purchase a cheap affordable flood insurance plan for their Myrtle Beach property or dwelling. Chat with a South Carolina flood insurance agent today, and ensure your property and valuables are protected as soon as possible. 

Get a Flood Insurance Quote in Myrtle Beach, Conway, and other South Carolina communities.

Get a free flood insurance quote with Myrtle Beach's premier insurance company, the Coastal Insurance Group. Talk to our qualified agents, they will review affordable flood polices with the right coverages for you. Call 843-808-0291 today!  

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What is a hurricane deductible?

Similar to the deductibles for auto, health, or home insurance, a hurricane deductible represents the initial amount of money you are responsible for, paid out-of-pocket, from your own funds before your insurance coverage begins to take effect and cover a claim.

Depending on the region or zone you live in, your home's insurance policy could include differing deductible definitions and amounts, such as:

Standard Deductible: 

Applies to claims of a non-hurricane event type, e.g. burglary, home invasion, vandalism, wind storm, tropical storm, hail, etc.

Hurricane Deductible:

Applicable to claims covering hurricane related event, such as wind damage, hail damage.

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Hurricane deductibles, time of coverage?

Hurricane deductibles are usually applicable during specific time windows, starting a few hours or distance from the moment the hurricane touches ground, and when the National Weather Service has named the storm, to a few hours after the storm has passed, has been downgraded, and local alerts have been cancelled.

Speaking with a hurricane insurance agent near Myrtle Beach will help you determine the type of coverage specific to your needs, and understand their nuances, such as time frames, definitions and more. Call South Carolina's Hurricane Insurance company of choice, call the Coastal Insurance Group, today! 


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Affordable Hurricane Insurance near Myrtle Beach and South Carolina 

How much is Hurricane Insurance in Myrtle Beach and South Carolina?

The cost of hurricane insurance can and will be determined by your location, square footage, age of your home, wind mitigation features, and other factors; but in general,  Hurricane Insurance cost in South Carolina averages around $1,400 per year. This is a small price to pay considering the damages caused by a hurricane are multiple, from roofing to other parts of your home and property. Consider, for example, the average cost of roof repair due to hurricane damage, it is $800 - $1,200, now let's add other parts and pieces of property and things quickly add up. 

Speak with an hurricane insurance professional near Myrtle Beach today, they can help you find the right type of affordable hurricane insurance coverage, along with ways to lower your premiums; such as through the use of wind mitigation features and more. Call today!

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Your Trusted Full-Service Hurricane Insurance Company near Myrtle Beach. Serving Horry County and South Carolina.

At the Coastal Insurance Group we proudly serve individuals and families in Myrtle Beach and nearby towns such as Surfside Beach, Murrell's Inlet, North Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, Little River, Conway, and beyond. Covering Horry County, Georgetown County, and the enchanting South Carolina coast, our agency is dedicated to providing top-notch home and condo property insurance services.

As the leading insurance company in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, our team is composed of fully qualified and licensed insurance agents, always prepared to assist with your unique individual or business needs. Whether you seek homeowners insurance quotes or require coverage for your condo (HO6), renters insurance, flood insurance, business insurance, car & auto insurance, RV & Motorhome insurance, life insurance, and more – we've got you covered.

When it comes to protecting your home, belongings, and loved ones, choose Coastal Insurance Group – your trusted full-service home insurance agency in the Myrtle Beach, SC region. Let us provide you with the peace of mind you deserve, as we stand ready to serve all your insurance needs with the utmost professionalism and care.

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